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TAPP New Media is owned and operated by TAPP Digital Incorporated

Our Processes

We Drive, Design and Build Digital Communities

We collaborate with our key partners to construct the crucial foundations and assets to activate your digital transformation.

Key Partners

We Drive, Design and Build Digital Communities

We collaborate with our key partners to construct the crucial foundations and assets to activate your digital transformation.

Driving Digital Communities


Intersections is a world-class, regional cluster-driver where creative minds converge to imagine and implement a better, more sustainable future. It empowers creators and innovators from all walks of life to collaborate, originate, incubate, accelerate, and profit from their ground-breaking ideas.
Working with key partners like TAPP Digital Incorporated, Intersections seeks to reposition the Caribbean as a global centre for creativity and innovation in areas that impact the sustainable development of small island developing states (SIDS).

Dr. Annalee C. Babb

Head Writer, Producer

Designing Digital Communities

BEKO Creative

An Award-Winning design/advertising studio willing to share our knowledge and expertise with fresh, enthusiastic minds. We can provide you with the design and marketing skill-set desired for regional and international markets. BEKO Creative Studios supports all areas of design and branding through print, digital and social media.

Together we offer

Custom Digital Training Solutions

We provide custom training solutions for your specific business challenges while creating engaging material for your employees.

Digital learning literally brings training and development to the tip of your finger. It can be delivered across the web and accessed from computers, tablets and mobile devices, giving professionals the flexibility to learn when and where they want to.

Meet virtually with our team of consultation specialists to either develop and deliver your training content or transform your existing content into a captivating and specialised e-Learning programme that aligns with your business goals.

Onboarding and the digital employee experience

Self-paced digital learning gives professionals a greater sense of autonomy in managing their time and balancing core tasks. Since digital learning gives them the freedom to train anytime, they can prioritise more efficiently, resulting in higher productivity.

The convenience of digital learning means you can acquire new skills and training on-demand without the conflict of losing key productivity hours.

Online Courses

Our e-Learning courses utilise audio and video recordings, live online presentations, case studies, interactive role-play/scenario simulations, responsive game-based learning, discussion groups, and much more.

This multi-media approach accelerates the transition from traditional to digital learning and facilitates knowledge transfer, operational efficiency and effective organisational change.

Our Industry Insights

Don’t get caught drifting in the endless gamut of digital developments that are perpetually transforming the world of work.

To keep pace with these rapid advancements, individuals and organisations must cultivate highly flexible and adaptive learning cultures. This means shifting the perspective that “traditional learning is the best or most effective way of maintaining a learning process”.

We help you create a space where instructor-led, face-to-face, classroom settings become the exception and not the rule, and digitally-mediated learning frameworks can be appreciated for their efficiency, adaptability, and eclectic value.