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TAPP New Media is owned and operated by TAPP Digital Incorporated

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Digital Communities

A TAPP Digital Incorporated Initiative

Our primary focus is on expanding our initiative to increase brand recognition while showcasing the impactful contributions of TAPP Digital to partners, clients, society, and local communities. We are actively promoting programmes aimed at facilitating connections among creators, innovators, and thought leaders to foster community engagement and create lasting value. Together, we forge connections that drive innovation in our digital spaces.

About our Initiative


To be the thought leader for fostering vibrant virtual communities of practice in the Caribbean region, creating secure and inclusive digital environments that nurtures innovation, growth, and long-term value for individuals and businesses.


Our mission is to create virtual communities of practice for Caribbean individuals and businesses, while also educating and developing secure digital environments for all. Through our combined efforts, we aim to foster connections that drive innovation and support creators and businesses in generating long-term value.

GigaBit Kids

A TAPP Digital Incorporated Initiative

It’s with immense pleasure that we introduce this latest offering, designed to revolutionise Technological Literacy and Digital Transformation.

Our goal is to educate children while inspiring their parents to embrace technological advancements. We also intend to entertain children while informing adults of the possibilities and opportunities in tech.

Here are some key highlights of Gigabit Kids:

  • Positive entertainment for children
  • Education in Emerging Technologies
  • Responsible online-use techniques for children and parents
  • Dissemination of information regarding opportunities in STEM
  • Providing a fun, interactive, educational community where kids can learn limitlessly

GigaBit Kids Highlights

WavesPath - Digital Transformation Flows

Digital Literacy, Accessibility and Inclusion Training

A TAPP Digital Incorporated Initiative

To be the leading provider of digital learning solutions that transform the Caribbean business landscape through accessible, intuitive and affordable training.

Our mission is to empower businesses in the Caribbean region with practical and interactive digital learning solutions that ensure optimal productivity and growth. We strive to deliver innovative, cost-effective and high-quality services that cater to the unique needs of each client. At WavesPath, we foster a culture of continuous improvement by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, expert knowledge and collaborative partnerships with our clients.

UAV Training and Management Systems

A TAPP Digital Incorporated Initiative

In order to enhance the technological capabilities of Barbados and the Caribbean in a rapidly changing remote piloted aircraft landscape, we present a comprehensive solution for the efficient and secure management of drone operations. Our system can be tailored to suit each company’s unique brand and is designed to meet the specific needs of businesses and organizations. The UAV Training & Management System simplifies the process of obtaining flight approvals, keeps track of drone fleet inventory, and monitors flight logs and pilot performance through individual profiles. Our offerings include Drone Fleet Inventory Management for efficient tracking of drones, Flight Logs and Pilot Performance Tracking to maintain detailed records, as well as Consultancy and Tech Support for system assistance and procurement guidance on drone solutions.