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Digital Employee Experience


What are the features & benefits of
WavesPath Employee Experience Platform?

Onboarding Website and Company Portal Features

User Permissions

Ensure every employee has the appropriate access to the information and resources that they need.

Staff Directory

Find any employee in your company easily and quickly, whether searching internally or having it accessed by the public.

Private & Secure

Fortified cyber-security is imperative to every organisation. Is your company protected? Are you remote-working employees secure? We create secure systems that are easy to navigate while protecting both your virtual and human assets.

Own Domain

We provide your organisation with its own dedicated domain. No tricks, no gimmicks. Just customised quality.

Internal Job Board

Post new and recently opened positions so that existing employees are aware and can apply if interested. Give them the opportunity for advancement before posting positions publicly.

Instant Messaging

Who doesn't enjoy the convenience of WhatsApp? Well, this is similar to WhatsApp, but for your work! Directly message individuals or groups in your organisation on your own unique app.


Teams, Team-Leads, Supervisors, C-Suite Execs... whatever your organisational structure, we can create groups for ease of communication and collaboration.


Work doesn't have to be monotonous! Reward your employees for engaging! Shake things up in a fun way by having fun challenges and games which build team morale. We can gamify your business and the reward possibilities are unlimited.


Gamification and visuals are the next workplace revolution and we're excited to show you how they can be used to enhance productivity.

File Sharing

Easily and safely share documents and other digital files within your company.

Employee Connections

The midday water-cooler chat has now gone virtual. Provide the social element especially for remote-working teams and watch your internal professional networks develop and strengthen.

Discussion Forums

Your teams can use our forums to discuss projects, milestones or challenges that they're experiencing. Management may also utilise this medium to make informal announcements, and acknowledge employee achievements.

Event Board

Keep everyone in the loop by announcing important company events in one official, convenient place.

Add Courses

We create and customise courses based on your employee and management needs. Any topic can be tackled, and mandatory training such as Sexual Harassment and Cyber Security can be simplified into easy-to-complete modules.

Document Library

Securely store virtual resources, documents, media and other collateral in one unique place where all employees can access as needed.