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TAPP New Media is owned and operated by TAPP Digital Incorporated

VR & Emerging Tech

Engaging Interactive Virtual Experiences

We create immersive virtual experiences from stimulating training simulations to captivating tours

TAPP New Media is a Subsidary of TAPP Digital Incorporated

Interactive Immersion

VR Training Simulations

Immersive virtual experiences have become the new norm in the digital age. From stimulating training simulations to captivating tours, these experiences offer an unparalleled level of engagement and interactivity that simply cannot be matched by traditional forms of media.

At TAPP Digital, we strive to create immersive environments that will engage users and provide them with a truly unforgettable experience.

Video Scenarios

Gamification and visuals are the next workplace revolution and we're excited to show you how they can be used to enhance productivity.

360° Tours

How cool would it be if people could view your professional space virtually? Well, it's possible and we can implement it easier than you think.

Multimedia Production

Podcasts, Videos, Interviews, whatever medium resonates with your team and clients, we can create for you, from conception of ideas to production and delivery of the final media.

Dive Into Immersion

Our immersive virtual experiences provide an unprecedented level of engagement compared to other forms of traditional training and marketing content. Through our captivating simulations, you can reach your audience on a deeper emotional level that hasn’t been possible before. And with our stimulating tours, people from all over the world can explore different places without having to leave their homes!

Other Digital Solutions we Offer

Custom interactive content for digital pipelines

Interactive Media development

We provide custom interactive solutions for your specific business challenges including highly intuitive web-based frameworks.

Digital Employee Experiences that Flow

Onboarding and Digital Employee Experiences

Implement practical, cost-effective interactive training that effectively educates new hires and existing team about the areas of your organisation.