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Interactive Scenarios 

What are we offering?

Interactive scenarios are becoming more popular in corporate training programs, as they provide an engaging and immersive experience for employees. These scenarios simulate real-life situations that employees may encounter on the job, allowing them to practice their skills in a safe environment. The use of interactive scenarios has been shown to increase knowledge retention and improve overall performance.

One type of interactive scenario is a branching scenario, where employees make decisions that impact the outcome of the scenario. This allows them to see the consequences of their choices and learn from any mistakes made. Another type is a simulation, which recreates specific tasks or processes that employees need to know how to perform. This can range from customer service interactions to complex technical procedures.

Interactive scenarios can be delivered through various mediums such as e-learning modules, virtual reality experiences, or even role-playing exercises with colleagues.

Digital Workforce Experience Platform

Key Features for Onboarding

Private & Secure

Fortified cyber-security is imperative to every organisation. Is your company protected? Are you remote-working employees secure?
We create secure systems that are easy to navigate while protecting both your virtual and human assets.

Employee Profiles

Show your teams off!
Display each employee's image and their relevant role with a concise write-up on how awesome they are!
Camera-shy employees in the mix? No problem, we create employee avatars too!

Document Library

Securely store virtual resources, documents, media and other collateral in one unique place where all employees can access as needed.

Own Domain

We provide your organisation with its own dedicated domain. No tricks, no gimmicks. Just customised quality.

File Sharing

Easily and safely share documents and other digital files within your company.

User Permissions

Ensure every employee has the appropriate access to the information and resources that they need.