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Hello New Cyber Space Recruit!

Creating Better Digital Experiences for Kids and Families

we teach kids and parents the importance of internet safety through custom developed Multimedia and our platforms

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"Make Surfing The Web Secure & Fun With Our Interactive Platforms & Experiences!"

We are thrilled to announce our new initiative that aims to teach kids and parents the importance of internet safety through custom developed multimedia and our platforms. We recognize the critical role the internet plays in our daily lives, especially for children who depend on it for learning and entertainment. However, we also understand that the digital world can be a dangerous place without proper guidance.

Our initiative is designed to address this issue by providing comprehensive education on internet safety. We have created a range of custom multimedia materials that are engaging, informative, and interactive. Our team has carefully curated content that is age-appropriate and covers various topics such as cyberbullying, online privacy, social media usage, phishing scams, and more.

Parents will also benefit from our platform as they will receive regular updates on their child’s online activity. Our goal is to empower both kids and parents with knowledge so they can navigate the digital landscape safely.


Gigabit Kids content is centered around story-driven educational and interactive adventures...

BitBot Bio
Miranda Mongoose Bio

Miranda Mongoose

12 Years | Secondary School Student | Loves Robotics

Miranda Mongoose has always been wise beyond her years. Showing a natural talent for technology from young, her parents enrolled this prodigy into courses and camps for every tech activity she was interested in, and she always excelled. Coding computers from the age of two, she balances being a kid at primary school during the day, with fighting cyber-crimes whenever she can. The virtual world is her playground and she uses her sharp, sly skills to educate other kids on how to responsiblly use the internet, and how to avoid negative things online. She loves helping the authorities catch cyber-crimals, and has been on a quest to find the biggest villain of them all, Zack Rack. He is a legend in the criminal world and cyber-security’s arch-nemesis, but with Miranda Mongoose on his tail, his days are numbered!!

Zakk Rat Bio

Zakk Rat

Age Unknown | Hacker | Not a Good Guy

Zakk is







Empowering the Next Generation:

How We're Teaching Kids and Parents About Internet Safety

These experiences range from virtual reality, games, interactive videos, quizzes, and virtual 360 tours. We develop and plan to release a new season of interactive experiences every 6 months as seasons. 

Every six months, new content is released that serves as a story-driven interactive adventure centered on a theme. We create and deliver this content  in the form of virtual reality apps, games, interactive videos, quizzes, and virtual 360 tours.

Our goal is to provide immersive digital experiences that empower users to familiarize themselves with new technologies through interactive experimentation with each new season. This is achieved by developing content with new forms of media that is entertaining, educational, and engaging experiences that reward participants for learning new things.

We plan to extend outreach by developing communities beyond our digital channels.  We will accomplish this  by visiting schools and meeting face-to-face with students, locating booths at events such as conferences and conventions, and hosting our own radio shows, events and showcases.